I'm Taysser, a kind, curious, and creative computer engineer who is passionate about making a positive difference in the community by creating successful products and services that enhance the quality of life. Get to know me by exploring my portfolio and reading more about me.

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Making a positive difference in my community

Building Goal Oriented Communities

Developing & Launching a Mobile App

Enhancing Schools' Climate and Culture

Developing & Launching a Dashboard

Monitoring Development Key Performance Indicators

Developing an Internal Web Solution

UX Review of the Microsoft Tips App

Heuristic and Scenario Based Review

Improving Your Coffee Experience

Prototyping and User Testing SMUG

Helping Families with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Prototyping and User Testing CareCam

The Viability of an Indoor Winter Market

Feasibility Study

Empowering Students with Disabilities

Marketing Campaign

Augmenting the Minesweeping Process

Prototyping a Mine Marking System

About me

My background and competitive advantage


With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, and a Master’s degree in both Business Administration (MBA) and Human Computer Interaction (MHCI), I incorporate design, engineering, and business in my approach bringing an integrated and innovative perspective to projects.

I am reputed for my dedication, adaptability, and leadership skills. I am self-motivated and positive. I enjoy learning, analyzing, and proposing wild ideas during brainstorming. I am an executor who manifests those ideas into reality and carries them to fruition. I take on challenges, work hard and persevere through adversity. I have an entrepreneurial spirit that drives me to create new products, solve complex problems, and diligently strive to make a difference in my organization and community.



Beta Gamma Sigma

The Premier Honor Society Recognizing Business Excellence

Pi Alpha Alpha

The Global Honor Society for Public Affairs & Administration